Abrasive dry ice blasting – the ecological alternative

Abrasive dry ice blasting combines the effect of abrasive substances – in our case sand – with the cleaning efficiency of dry ice blasts. Even with surprisingly small amounts of abrasive material, you end up with a glossy and roughened surface.

Advantages of the abrasive dry ice blasting technique

  • The amount of abrasive substance needed is drastically reduced
  • In comparison with conventional abrasive blasting there are significant reductions in secondary waste products
  • The costs of treatment and disposal are lower
  • The working area is more easily and quickly cleaned after blasting
  • The method is highly ecological

Typical applications

  • removal of asbestos
  • cleaning of house fronts / removal of graffiti
  • renovation of monuments
  • restoration of old timers
  • removal of rust
  • removal of old varnish (vehicles)
  • preparation of processes such as galvanization, varnishing or powder coatings
  • and many more…

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