Plastic & glass surfaces

Coating plastic surfaces

Plastic is more than polyethylene (PE), polyvinyl chloride (PVC) or polypropylene (PP). And just as the market of plastics products is constantly growing, we too have to consistently renew our knowledge regarding the right treatment of the different surfaces. We know which coating system is best suited for which plastic: in cooperation with various notable institutes we develop reliable coating systems – individually tailored to your requirements. In this process you will benefit from our know-how in the coating of metals. Because what applies here is valid for plastics too: the right surface preparation and the quality of the used materials determine the quality of the end result.

Coating glass surfaces

There is only a single system that adheres reliably to glass: the Selemix PUR-DIREKT varnish from our partner PPG Industries. PUR-DIREKT is a two-component polyurethane top coat that combines the characteristics of a primer with those of a top coat. The varnish adheres without prior priming and is available in more than 20.000 colours – and on request even with the innovative additive Cleasy, which gives the coated surface an easy-to-clean effect and many other favorable characteristics.  For a small to medium-sized workshop operation the varnish is interesting because it is compatible with all application methods. It does not matter whether you spray or use rollers – there are practically no boundaries to its use: almost anything from kitchen walls and ceramic surfaces to colored shower partitions can be coated with PUR-DIREKT.

Plasma or corona pre-treatment – we will find the coating solution that meets your needs!