Dry ice blasting – gentle to the surface and environmentally friendly

Dry ice blasting involves firing solid carbon dioxide at the dirty surface with pressurised air and a temperature of -78,5°C. The stains are shock frozen, become brittle and are removed.

Dry ice cleaning

We use dry ice for a thorough, microbiologically verifiable and gentle cleaning and decontamination of (sensitive) surfaces on machines, tools, devices and facades, without any damaging. Because dry ice is food-safe, it can be employed for all purposes (e.g. gastronomy, food industry, automotive and ship construction, foundries, mould cleaning and in the printing industry).

Advantages of the dry ice blasting technology

  • The cleaning process is fast and very economical with regard to rest periods. No waste disposal is needed because there are no chemicals or blasting materials.
  • Dry ice pellets only remove the dirt, the surface is not damaged.
  • Because of the small size of the pellets, even areas that are very difficult to access can be cleaned.
  • Dry ice is not flammable or toxic and it is a major component of our air. The cleaning process works without chemicals or solvents.

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