Duplex systems

... are used for corrosion protection in many areas: building sites, road traffic or in energy generation. They include a hot dip galvanized layer as well as an additional coating system.

  • protection for more than 50 years through the utilization of synergies: the duration of the protection provided by the system is far longer than the sum of the protection times provided by the hot dip galvanization and the particular coating system individually.
  • Flexible designs – all colors can be used

In duplex systems the components protect one another: the surface layer protects the galvanized layer from external influences and maintains a pristine condition over a long period of time. The robustness and resilience of the galvanized layers in turn prevents underlying rusting and prolongs the longevity of the coating – even when damaged. The galvanization provides typical weak points of construction parts such as cavities, recesses or edges and corners with the sufficient thickness and strength.

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