Manhole refurbishment

Domschachtbroschüre 11/2016 Domschachtbroschüre 11/2016

For the refurbishment of manhole covers we recommend a surface preparation with dry ice blasting and two-component coating substances with brief overcoating times. This way your benefit is twofold: an increased protection from corrosion and a less time-consuming and therefore cheaper application.

The blasting work is carried out with a compressor and an appropriate blasting device. Then we clean the processed surfaces with a non-woven abrasive and dust binding cloth, and the galvanized surfaces of the frame and the cover with washing primer in preparation of the coating.

For the coating of the frame and bottom surface of the manhole cover we use two-component coating substances. For the base coat we use a two-component epoxy priming with excellent adhesion characteristics on various surfaces and extraordinary chemical durability. Depending on temperature, the primer can be overcoated after as little as one hour. For the subsequent cover coating we use a two-component top coat with high resistance to weather and chemicals. The coating substances are applied manually with brush or roll.

We also design custom-made Duplex II-Thermo-Coatings. The coating deactivates the thermal bridge of the manhole lid and so prevents condensed water and white rust formation.

On slippery surfaces we apply a non-slip coating system which is specially designed to provide safe passage for people or equipment moving up, down and across steel and concrete areas such as decks, loading ramps and walkways. It combines highly effective anti-slip properties with practical and economic benefits that reduce material usage, lower labour costs and improve efficiency and economy – factors of extreme importance where time restraints are simply not ascceptable.

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