We are not only a specialist in coating technology - we can also design your processes!

From the first draft to the finished in-house specifications, you can expect it all from us:

  • We ensure a good impression – with our advertising technology we create everything that is needed for a lasting high-quality external presentation.
  • We develop solution proposals for individual problems.
  • We create in-house specifications for coatings.
  • We support you in the application and implementation of existing specifications within your sequence of processes.
  • We develop individual operating instructions in cooperation with the producer of the respective coating material.
  • We make profound recommendations for the treatment of various surfaces.
  • We assist you with the admissibility check of coating and coloring alternatives.
  • We prepare coating systems for validation.
  • You want to optimize your resource utilization. We look ahead and show you how and where you can save material and energy costs.
  • We bring your people up to speed – in all things concerning coatings.
  • Our service staff (qualified persons in accordance with BetrSichV) support you with the ongoing exterior inspection of your LPG tanks.

Contact us! Meeting your needs is our mission.