Measuring technology

To visually assess a surface and to document all data in a metrologically sound way, you need instruments that surpass the conventional standards of the industry – such as ours. With our equipment we / you can make the following assessments:

Hydraulic adhesion tester ELCOMETER F108: ideal for on-site use, only small testing surfaces necessary; in accordance with ASTM D4541 and ISO 4624; cross-cut tester BYK-GARDNER; 1 – 3 mm cutter spacing, DIN EN ISO 2409

Digital surface roughness tester Mitutoyo SJ-210: designed for fast and accurate measurements in the workshop area; data interface for P / R / Tp curved profiles; in accordance with DIN 4767, 4768, 4775 and ISO 4288

Digital layer thickness gauge ELCOMETER 456: TOP connector for all available probes for the measurement of non-magnetic coatings on iron / steel and non-conductive coatings on non-ferrous metals; capturing up to 50.000 readings in accordance with ISO, SSPC, etc.

Hardness tester ELCOMETER M201; 3 scales: 0 - 300 – 1000 – 2000 g

Ask us about these and additional instruments for in-house and mobile use!