Competence in surface protection
and coating

KH Capture Service

for dome and remote filling shafts

According to the WHG, a large part of the dome and remote filling shafts no longer meet the current guidelines and requirements. But what at first glance looks like a complete replacement is often remedial.

Your experts for cathedral shafts

Vincenzo D'Agostino is in use throughout Germany with its detection experts and service vehicles (all equipped with certified testing equipment). With the KH recording service, the customer receives all services coordinated with each other and from a single source.

  • Condition detection: of shaft walls, tank walls, frames, joints, manhole covers, pipelines, pipe passages and visual inspection for leaks.
  • Recording report: Accurate documentation of the actual state using measurement logs and photos.
  • Renovation concept: Conclusive refurbishment concept (except tank technology) based on the evaluation.
  • Calculation: of the necessary maintenance and modernization work – on request.
  • Realization: Domschacht refurbishment project according to HSSE principles. The normal service station operation can continue almost undisturbed.

Testing with certified technology

The KH team of experts checks and documents – digitally supported. We use ultrasonic measurements of tank tops (in the visible area) and pipelines to identify "hidden" corrosion damage. Depending on the amount of deviations, we propose a patented, material-enhancing and certified process for the refurbishment, with corrosion-free materials.

We visually check the condition of the masonry or the liquid density of the dome shaft. We inspect the entire substance of the shaft. In the case of metal shaft walls, we check whether material removal has occurred due to corrosion. In the case of brick shafts, we examine cracks and joints to see if liquid could leak. Just as the WHG rules stipulate.

A digitals traffic light system

evaluates the weak points of the cathedral shaft:

  • Immediate action is required, otherwise the operating licence may be at risk.
  • Appropriate countermeasures should be taken in the foreseeable future.
  • Everything is alright.