Competence in surface protection
and coating

Well protected lasts longer

To operators of LPG petrol stations we offer a nationwide reliable on-site service for repair and maintenance. We use highly effective systems for every area, the latest devices and high-tech coatings.

Our services

  1. Manhole refurbishing of earth-covered liquefied gas tanks
  2. Sealing with ISO fluid against pressing water
  3. Dry ice blasting: gently removal of old varnish and corrosion
  4. Weather Protection with high-quality coatings
  5. New paint layer set-ups on pipelines; steel structures, e.g. for LPG compact systems
  6. Debranding: exchange of advertising slides
  7. Observation of LPG filling stations by CI compliance (set/actual comparison)
  8. Refurbishment of tank storage units, pipelines, machine parts, separator Systems

We plan all necessary steps on site with you – including cost and time frames.