Competence in surface protection
and coating

Cold sealing for dome shafts

We recommend a refurbishment where possible. Complete replacement should always be the last alternative!

Corrosion or leaks in the viewing area of the cathedral shaft?! The requirements for the liquid density of your plants are increasing. And you can hardly keep up with the maintenance. The sealing tests with conventional systems are complex, but rarely lasting. And you don't necessarily meet the requirements of the WHG.

With the KH cold sealing on the safe side

For the sealing of tank outer coats, we have developed a repair technique with cold encapsulation resin and reinforcing carbon fiber fleece – patented, extremely environmentally friendly and safe. The coating can be applied without hot work that endangers the operation, provides the shaft floor or tank outer coat with a permanently liquid-tight and reinforcing lamination. And this at a fraction of the cost of a tank repair or a tank dive.

With this patented cold casting process (more on this here) the tank top and pipelines of your dome shaft gets a seal as resistant and durable as the intact shell of a turtle.

The advantages of the cold sealing process

  • No hot work in the dome shaft is required to seal the monitoring room.
  • The liquid-tight lamination provides additional reinforcement to the shaft floor or tank outer coat and is optimally protected.
  • The application is time-saving and saves your finances.
  • While we are working, your service station operation can continue.