Competence in surface protection
and coating

The specialist for surface protection

Competence stands for expertise, skill and qualification. We started with the restoration of liquid gas containers. But our clients needed more. And our aspiration was (and is) to always deliver precisely what they needed. And when that didn’t exist yet, we first got the relevant qualification and then went on to develop the product for our customers.

Today, we are specialists for corrosion protection. Because our clients often not only have very specific, but also highly demanding orders: e.g. corrosion protection in accordance with the Norsok standards (guidelines for corrosion protection of offshore facilities). We fulfil these – well-founded and reliably – with „Level III FROSIO inspectors“, certified in compliance with the highest requirements of the IMO (International Maritime Organization) towards inspectors for surface treatments. Because often our customer’s orders for offshore facilities are inspected by Lloyds Register.

As specialists for surface protection we take care of almost any surface. With abrasive dry ice machines we gently remove graffiti, clean house fronts, floors, working facilities (e.g. industrial kitchens) and industrial plants, clear old coatings and foils off vehicles/oldtimers and help with the renovation of fire-protection infrastructure.

What we remove, we also put back on. Our advertising team drafts and creates complete wrappings for vehicles, LPG stations and many more.

KH is also a specialist company according to the German Water Resources Act (WHG). This means that we work with the approved materials, devices and equipment parts as well as expert employees, ensuring the compliance with the requirements according to § 62 art. 2 of the German Water Resources Act.

Our clients can fully rely on KH. We employ extremely effective systems and high tech coatings in all areas. We help to increase the life-span of facilities and parts – in particular dome shafts, LPG stations and tank farms – and therefore significantly contribute to sustainable practices in construction and production.


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